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01 . Manifesto

We tell your story

Good design starts with an genuine concept that captures your company's values. Stereobrand translates this strategically, aesthetically and with the highest quality standards into visual and digital communication.

We define the base for this together: In an initial workshop with all relevant stakeholders we reveal your brand assets, your requirements and goals. We highlight your capabilities, values ​​and target groups in a mission statement, that acts as a benchmark for your corporate communications. In a network that has proven itself over the years, Stereobrand creates excellent solutions for print and web, in which every detail is right at the end: design, usability, image and text.

Stereobrand stands for holistic consultation, clear, transparent and purposeful communication and - above all - 100% passion!

Key data

June 2005
Work experience
20 years +
Implemented projects
> 500

02 . Services

Brand identities

Whether you want to create a completely new corporate identity or evolve an existing brand: together we discover the history of your company as well as your products and services. Stereobrand emphatizes your strengths in a communication strategy for your visual identity that works holistically across all media.


Websites produced by Stereobrand are always 100% handmade and customized individual solutions, designed with love and thought-out down to the last detail. By combining screen design, optimization of the user experience, programming and OnPage SEO, we make your company's values ​​tangible.

03 . Our work

Current projects

Many claim expertise for themselves - just get an idea of ​​how individually and lovingly designed solutions from Stereobrand work online and offline.


Gamma kitchens

The new website offers the right setting for the gamma design kitchens, which are presented in excellent images. The site is technically and textually SEO-optimized for the acquisition of new customers.

Stereobrand provided consultation and managed the brand workshop, took on the project management, the creative direction in conjunction with designer Mark Kraemer and finally the production of the website.

Services: Consulting, project management, brand workshop, front-end development

Team: Mark Kraemer (Creative direction, design, photos), Tanja Begon (Text)

Website-Entwicklung für gamma Küchen, Saarbrücken

Branding • Website

Bäuerle architects

A new and modern website should reflect the grown and agile company and its gain in skills. The corporate identity was developed in a workshop under the direction of Stereobrand and then the corporate design was visually refreshed: across all analog marketing materials and for the new website.

Stereobrand was responsible for the development of the design, the production of the website and the project lead of the creative team.

Services: Consulting, project management, brand workshop, branding, web design, front-end development

Team: Mark Kraemer (Photos), Uwe Bellhäuser (Portrait photos), Tanja Begon (Text)

Website-Gestaltung & -Entwicklung für Bäuerle Architekten, Saarbrücken


Bunkhouse Film

The film production Bunkhouse got a new virtual home for their sincere documentaries and movies. The design is based on a reduced, yet striking user experience.

In this project, Stereobrand, in close cooperation with the owner Philipp Majer and the creative studio »MM, M«, took on the programming of the website, in which the embedded videos can play their main role quite smoothly.

Services: Front-end development

Team: MM,M (Project management, design)


Land of Memory

The project of the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Saarland uses an interactive map to experience the locations of Nazi terror in the Greater Region.

Stereobrand worked together with »Bureau Stabil« to develop an appealing user experience for future visitors and also was responsible for the production of the website.

Services: UX-Consulting, Frontend development

Team: Bureau Stabil (Project management, design), Fabian Theobald (Backend development Wordpress)

Currently under development

Website-Entwicklung für das Ministerium für Bildung und Kultur des Saarlandes

Branding • Website


The company wants to establish itself with pharmacometry services at the interface between biology and mathematics and is rebuilding its corporate identity.

Stereobrand has accompanied the university spin-off from the very beginning in all corporate communication issues and created a corporate design that will be implemented across all media: from stationery to the website.

Services: Consulting, brand workshop, branding, web design, website production

Currently under development

Website-Entwicklung für das Ministerium für Bildung und Kultur des Saarlandes

Branding • Website

Auler lighting

The tradition-conscious professionals for modern lighting design and illumination solutions were given a corporate identity that communicates their strategic realignment.

Stereobrand led the brand workshop at the beginning, revised and modernized the existing corporate design, took on the project management as well as the development of the website and an individual CMS.

Services: Consulting, project management, brand workshop, branding, web design, frontend development, backend development (individual CMS)

Team: Uwe Bellhäuser (Photos)

Website-Gestaltung & -Entwicklung für Hans Auler GmbH, Saarbrücken



The world's leading specialist in film capacitors, headquartered in Mannheim, was given a website that maps the specialized and at the same time highly differentiated product range and conveys extensive knowledge. Stereobrand determined the complex requirements in a website workshop, created the web design and implemented the website.

Particular attention was paid to database and API development so that specific data from the company's internal systems can be automatically displayed on the website.

Services: Consulting, project management, web design, front-end development, database development, API development

Team: Fabian Theobald, Florian Werner (Backend development Wordpress)

04 . Contact

Shall we tell your story as well?

If you want to know which creative ideas Stereobrand can use to make your company stand out from the crowd, let's talk – we look forward to getting to know you!

Website-Gestaltung & -Entwicklung für Hans Auler GmbH, Saarbrücken